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Frequently Ask Questions
1) How is accreditation of Foreign Employers being done?
Before we proceed with the recruitment, the following documents must be furnished, signed and executed between AL JAZIRA MANPOWER SERVICES and its direct Foreign Employer/Principal and subsequently, be duly authenticated by the Philippine Labor Attaché or Consulate office in the country of employment and to be submitted by our agency to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for accreditation as our direct Foreign Employer/Principal:

a. Corporate License of our Foreign Client
b. Manpower Request - it includes information on wages, number of workers needed and the terms and conditions of employment
c. Master Employment Contract (MEC)
d. Standard Recruitment Agreement (SRA) between AL JAZIRA MANPOWER SERVICES, and Foreign Client duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or its representative in the country of employment.
e. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)-authorizes AL JAZIRA MANPOWER SERVICES to recruit, process and deploy workers on behalf of the Foreign Client.
f. Copy of valid IDs of the authorize signatories of the documents including signature and photo. This will serve as a proof that the signatures in the documents are official.
2) What is the validity of the accreditation of Foreign Employers?
The accreditation of Foreign Employers shall be valid for four (4) years unless, sooner revoked or cancelled by the POEA
3) What are the grounds for revocation or cancellation of accreditation by POEA?

a. Expiration of the Foreign Employer's business license
b. Upon written mutual agreement by the parties to pre-terminate the Agreement
c. False documentation or misrepresentation in connection with the application for accreditation
d. Final judgment in a disciplinary action against the Foreign Employer
4) How do you outsource applicants?
We source out applicants by searching in our constantly updated database of candidates, through interactive recruitment networks, job fairs, provincial recruitment authority (PRA), advertisement, and personal reference by satisfied and deployed workers and their relatives
5) What is the first step for an applicant and what are the documents he / she must submit?
Applicants must apply personally in our office. He/she must submit resume, school credentials, employment/training certificates and copy of passport for evaluation; the Recruitment Officer will match his/her qualification to available job orders. In the case where the applicant is not fit to any existing job openings, his/her file will be kept in the database for future use.
6) How do applicants know that they are selected for an interview by an employer?
Once an applicant is already pre-selected by the Recruitment Officer, he/she will be kept updated regarding the date and time of Employer's interview. He/she will be advised what to bring and what to wear.
7) What is the next step once an applicant is selected by the Employer?
Once an applicant is selected by the employer, he/she will be required to submit the following documents:
a. BIRTH and MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE duly authenticated by the National Statistic Office
8) When does an applicant undergo medical examination?
An applicant will undergo medical examination once he/she is selected. The Processing Officer will give him/her the go signal.
9) What is the next procedure when the selected applicant has complied with all the requirements?
Our Processing Officer will file the applicant’s documents with the respective Embassy for visa stamping and POEA clearance in preparation for departure. And while the papers are being processed selected applicants will receive an orientation. He/she will be properly oriented to the terms and condition stipulated in their Master Employment Contract and the culture and laws of their destined country.